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Soo it seems Deviantart's b-day is coming soon so I thought I'd reflect a little upon my journey on this website. :D

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 7 years. Wow.

  2. What does your username mean? The year my awesomeness was brought into the world. Kiddin'. :)

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Photographer. singer. passionate Gilmore Girls fan right now.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right-handed.

  5. What was your first deviation? Don't think I have it in my gallery anymore, it must've been a photo but I have no idea what photo it was.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Photography, and music, but this is not part of the visual arts field. :)

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? I'd like to be a digital artist, to be able to paint in Photoshop, or to master animations and film in general.

  8. What was your first favourite? Oh man my gallery of favourites is too big to skip to the end, it must've been a photo as well.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Photos.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Tough choice. I'd have to choose from soo many. Antonio Ysursa and Felicia Simion are two of my all-time favorite artists. Also Laura Kok, Rona Keller and Carlos Henrique Reinesch.

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? My favourite photographers. See above. :)

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Well all the people who fav and comment on my work help me a lot with their encouragement. I'm grateful to all of them.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? My camera and my prime lens.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? Outside, near the mountains, in the forest. In nature.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? When I got a Daily Deviation. It was an amazing feeling, I felt so accomplished... now I know I have to work harder and earn more. :)

Here's a huge feature for you. I absolutely love these photos. <3

ruhw by stefa-zozokovich Daydreams by dargeg make my day by muszka
A flower in each hand by ennil Paris Metro, October 2005. by espadana
Recipe Of Love by Teeslpscreations Ismail and his gang by ennil Anna by stefa-zozokovich
Dylan new by andrewfphoto Me in Tone-Line by carlzon becca by andrewfphoto 
qet by stefa-zozokovich Carcavelos, Portugal, 2003 by espadana Feel some rock by Ciril
Green fairy by Ciril Beautiful stranger by dcamacho
Spin by uberamour My Summer Of Love by lorineth Best friends by Ciril
Touched... 01 by Ciril Miss G. by Ciril A flower for you by Ciril African hope by Ciril
Colourful melody by Ciril Spela by Ciril Anna by enasni
vew by stefa-zozokovich 36 by Texxi
A boy by Ciril Peace by Ciril 987 by dargeg teitur and his little cousin by NOSTARWARS
  praskie ulice by muszka paint my land by muszka Agnar by NOSTARWARS
And then it was cured by ennil 19 by bluecut
96317 by aleksandra88 63 by Texxi 60 by Texxi Good Bye by Teeslpscreations
L'arc-en-ciel couleur de miel by ennil Portrait of a Cat by ennil PULSE by Teeslpscreations Cadillac by 0o0o0
It's that time of the year again, my friends! :D May you all have a wonderful time spent with your dear ones! Having spent my life in more than one place means that lot of my friends aren't here with me. On the other hand, spending time with people you don't know very well is special too. :) It just gives you hope in humanity. As in: "Look, I can make friends among strangers! Isn't that nice?" :D

There goes my mini photo Christmas feature:
Christmas by applefight  christmas atmosphere by Snowfall-lullaby
Christmas by soulkissfaerie Christmas is around the corner by RobinHalioua

And since I have come to associate the spirit of Christmas with the Harry Potter books, please allow me to post some HP fanart. xD And some other fictional places winter photos. :D

A Very Potter Winter by chuwenjie

No place like Hogwarts... :)
Winter Hogwarts by kissyushka christmas in hogwarts by ThePyf

And no place like Green Gables...
Anne's Sleigh Ride by Charapoo

I don't know about you but I loved Frozen. <3
Frozen by Eumenidi 

Anastasia, my favourite animated movie ever!
Anastasia and Pooka by Vikki93

And last one... Beauty and the beast. :rose:
Winter Tale by Rayi-kun

What's your favourite Christmas movie/book/song?
Mine are: "Anastasia", "Harry Potter" and "Rocking around the Christmas tree". :D
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Fallen Star by Inebriantia Dyar Falls by Jacob-Routzahn Mountain Treasure by Jacob-Routzahn
First Rays Of Sunlight by kkart Fall In The West Elks by kkart Bali by DrDrum666Desert Storm II by MaximeDaviron Last Solo by Oer-Wout Springscape by Oer-Wout
Over the mountains by faviloves blue night by leelloor Pink by michellis13
Spirit by michellis13 The Tree by the Sea by Questavia by Questavia finding neverland by michellis13
Going home by PawelMatys *** by LolitaK
Divided by MikkoLagerstedt Highway by MikkoLagerstedt Vietnam XXVI by GretaTu Tranquility by Miguel-Santos
... by MindShelves Las... by Yvonnne92 no distance will keep my heart from loving you by michellis13
Pathway with a History by AnthonyPresley Evening Light II by third-one
Evening Light by third-one Tunnel by third-one

Well, since I faved a lot of nature landscape photos lately, I figured I could do a feature. :)

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This is the game I got from Opheliac-noire. Comment and I'll
(1) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA page.
(2) Tell you a color you remind me of.
(3) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
(4) Tell you which one of your OC's is my favorite. (let's make it which one of your deviations though xD)
(5) Ask you a question, and you must answer.
(6) Tell you something I like about you or your art.
(7) Give you a nickname.
(8) Tell you what am I doing right now.
(9) Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
(10) Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you want - it's a nice way to know people!

I'm so into the Harry Potter books right now (I'm reading the Order of Phoenix right now), I feel I should do a small fanart feature too, so here it goes:
Harry Potter by BenCurtis Harry Potter by gabbyd70 Harry, Ron, and Hermione by gabbyd70 Hermione Reading by feliciacano

And now the regular feature:
Cat by JoniNiemela This brief moment 3 by Mark-Heather Restless Soul by M3LL0N-3M dari by MartaSyrko DIna by Zhivago86 Maybe someday is come again by Meravigiliosa Der Wanderer und der Nebel (2) by DavidSchermann Field by MariannaInsomnia Chloe (1) Mono by Art-ography The Secret Garden by mrxthanh Flying by Samantha-meglioli Le labyrinthe (Alice) by anaispopy Girl On Fire by Marinshe ___ by EvilxElf Liquid Sunshine by CameraDude Perfect now by CaitlinWorthington she by ssuunnddeeww Come Into My Life by ElifKarakoc Childhood dreams... by JanneO Golden Whispers by TEMPERATE-SAGE Blank by photoartbyshannon Bittersweet Sun by birdofdecadence Train... by monikha My dear plushie by Lionique Light by Zim2687 silk by GZB Fly by H3ad0n bicycle trip by all17 Spring bouquet by MarinaVroda neverending path by yiea Moons over Mt. Fuji by Pikkochan tame #4 by Gaabs bound by Gaabs snowytale by thefirebomb

Have a great weekend!
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So apparently the way to celebrate DA's 14th b-day is to post 5 artworks and explain them in the context of your journey on DA. I thought this is such a great idea. So I'll just post photos that I feel have influenced me a great deal in the way I see photography nowadays. I'll just have to mention before that there isn't just a photo out of these galleries that has influenced me, I mean there's the whole gallery, the whole concept and the photographers themselves that actually changed how I felt about photography, so I strongly encourage you folks to check out their whole gallery.

At the very beginning of my DeviantART years I was so into medieval and 19th century stuff. So it was impossible not to love Małgorzata Maj's painting-like photos. I still am a big fan of her work, even though I'm not that obsessed with the pre-Raphaelits anymore. At that time I was very much into painting and photography was way out of my mind, that is, until I saw her work. Now that I think about it, I think her work might've given me the impulse to take on photography... until then, photos were for me just another way of duplicating reality. Then I realised it's not really that way, that photos can be artistic too.
And So Is Love II by Sarachmet

Then, I think Antonio Ysursa was the first photographer to really have an impact on me as far as photography itself is concerned. I remember his photos changed the way I saw photography, almost completely. So much feeling his photos have, so many memories that his photos make me think about. I remember this series and how much I liked it (and still like it). :)
Memory Stirred by CameraDude

Then it was Felicia Simion, I guess, and I especially enjoyed her fantasy-like works and her photojournalism pieces, photos of strangers whose expression just remained with me for a long time. Just as Antonio Ysursa showed me another side of photography as an art, Felicia Simion also did this. She works with things such as memories, feelings, little things that change your life. The way she edits her photos also brought another dimension to the art of photography. After seeing her works, I pretty much started editing my photos dramatically.
The boy who whispered to the snowflakes by iNeedChemicalX

In much the same way did Rona Keller and Laura Kok change my aesthetic perception on art. And their wonderful works also encouraged me to take more photos at sunset.
Laura Kok's 365 project just showed me that there is beauty every day in our lives, and that it should be captured.
27.365 by ByLaauraa

Rona Keller's works are moments preserved via film, most of the times. She is a fan of film photography and her photos make me want to try out film photography so much. So if I ever take it up, it will be because of her, hehe. :)
ten days in Berlin by Rona-Keller

And finally, Carlos Henrique Reinesch is responsible for all the crazy-coloured photos I've been submitting lately. His creative use of colours and the crazy angles have made me reconsider photography in the traditional sense I understood it until then. He is one of the most original photographers out there.
Street Of Colorful Dreams by oO-Rein-Oo
Yay new feature! :)
I'm Yours.. by Khomenko  my darling by YaroslavKaras Love by nairafee Flight.. by Khomenko
Forever You And Me by Vint26 ... ........ by alexcrema24 All the Lovers by VasilinaM Beautiful memories. by Lukreszja
Here comes the sun. by Lukreszja Gamze - Tulloch Wedding 3 by sinademiral Dream Comes True by Vint26
<da:thumb id="280084731"/> <da:thumb id="469460971"/> River Magic by ShakilovNeel
It's spring, you know. by Lukreszja The flowers you gave me.. by Lukreszja Man in the rain. by flowerpottt .... by mechtaniya
Autumn Magic by ferrohanc Fireflies. by kittysyellowjacket Evening Story by ferrohanc   
Summer... _8_ by my-shots
Time for a new feature. :D
I Used To Be A Kid Once by IMustBeDead .Deni-Love. - 6 by Isaeva-me Satellites by tibiii Conical Lifestyle by DrewHopper
<da:thumb id="253386459"/> Fairy by Ksuksa-Raykova sunset in Cuba by obscurity-n 127 by harmonist
shockadelica london2 by dancingperfect Cais Sx by marcocruzafonso
Delicate Eyes.. by PedroPinhoPhoto Sensitive kind by esmahanozkan BubbleStare by fbuk Lady with Umbrella by dannyst
x 13 by metindemiralay 8past8 photo nr2 by ssuunnddeeww
nancy couple by tomatokiller oe by stefa-zozokovich
040 by Shace  birds by MustafaDedeogLu 203 by toprakgoksel behold, human beings by chocolatenoir brush by andrewfphoto
RUUUUUUUUN by Sblourg ChiLdisH by Guldehen violin by 0o0o0 Look to light by fbuk
*warning* This feature will not be only about photography. And the theme is "Colours"! Not a huge feature but meh...

Lady with cats by karincharlotte Miko by LimKis Calling All Angels by kkart
Sunny Amsterwonderland take vi by oO-Rein-Oo Into the Wild Red 10 by Michela-Riva Where the beautiful things are by iNeedChemicalX
<da:thumb id="423374677"/> Kingdom Of Love by absentii Jimi Hendrix by Franflow
first sundown in a while by Rona-Keller

I'm slowly developing an obsession for bright colours, especially for warm colours. I don't know how it all started, but the saturation in my photos has increased dramatically over the past year. From this:
The Light in Your Soul by since91 (2011)
to this:
The Busy Life by since91 (2012) -- I think this was the start of my obsession =D
to this:
Le Tour Eiffel by since91 (2013)
and finally, my latest one:
The Stairs Passage by since91

Whoa, it certainly is interesting to see your progress in numbers.
I also used to have this obsession with cropping photos and oversharpening. Well, I sharpen my photos now too, but it is not so bad. I mean, I sharpen everything, back then I used to sharpen only the eyes which was really really wrong. Another obsession of mine used to be gradients. I added gradients where I shouldn't have. Some time ago I wrote an article about my "sins" as a writer (if anyone's interested, here's the link to my very old and outdated writing blog -- includes period drama reviews and historical novels reviews). So I thought I might make a list about my "sins" as a photographer. :D Just for the fun of it.

Therefore, here it is, my ultimate sins/guilty pleasures (more or less "guilty"):
- oversaturation
- oversharpening
- cropping photos because the composition sucked
- neglected photography
- edited way too old photos because I didn't have any new ones :(
- failed to use the manual mode so many times that I stopped using it (of this I am very, very ashamed)
- used parts of actions instead of making my own actions (again, not proud of this either)

What are your art confessions? :)
Play an instrument. Join a band. Seriously. It's the best thing you'll ever do.
Let music be your religion. It will teach you so much about life.

To be continued... I am in awe right now haha. Ramblings of a blues junkie and hippie wannabe I guess. Ignore this post.
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Hi, folks, happy New Year... lately I have neglected my DA journal completely. I remember a few years ago, Deviantart was the first website I checked when I was awake and the last one before I went to bed. Now there are so many things in real life that occupy my time... I miss the DA community love, hehe. :)

I just wanted to wish you all a great New Year spent with the best of people and making the best out of life!

No other website is like DA. I've been on so many websites like this one, but the community here is the best! All I can do is give a llama badge to you in return for your kindness. :) So if you're getting a llama badge from me, just know it means a great thank you!
Hi, guys! If you wanna keep track of what I'm up to:…

Man on Bicycle by drifterManifesto 36 by IPalis shepherd by NataliaCiobanu
*** by ankazhuravleva Brigitte (Famous Women series) by NataliaCiobanu virtuoso by g-a-m
_Perfect crime. by josefinejonssonphoto Indie I by SandraSfeirova An Odd Couple by drifterManifesto
Classic Portrait by NataliaCiobanu Anchita by DariaPitak fired news.II by Altingfest
:thumb308485270: hope by nicolaasporter imagination by DariaPitak
Light by NataliaCiobanu * by derlevi divinity. by deepinswim
French film by NataliaCiobanu feelings by NataliaCiobanu qqq 11 by metindemiralay
Lucinthia by iNeedChemicalX Le Violon Rouge by iNeedChemicalX 2012-012 by rainris
Hallowed II by iNeedChemicalX Feliz Ano Novo by aaronrisen waiting, waiting by kittysyellowjacket
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Since I've no time for anything else, thoguht I'd do a small feature. :)
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Simplicity and honesty in music, art, and life.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 3:47 AM
The more I grow old, the more I realise that beauty lies in simplicity. I don't know if it's only me.

A few weeks ago I finished The Catcher in the Rye, and now I'm also done with To Kill a Mockingbird, two books written in such a simple, honest manner that you can't not like them. I remember how much I liked them, compared to the fat "classic" books that I've tried to read so many times, but failed, or managed... but they didn't make a pleasant read. I have had horrible experiences with neverending descriptions and third person narrations. I feel that the descriptions aren't necessary, and every time I come across some long passage filled with adjectives, I imagine the author wasted hours of his life trying to describe the places, the nature, the people, making a real effort to find the words; he was untrue to himself, forcing himself to write what he didn't like, thus, he is not honest towards his readers.

I try to keep up with music nowadays (I fail, but nevertheless I try). I'm greatly disappointed by it. A few days ago I was watching recordings of Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Tina Turner, BB King, Keb' Mo'... I even came across this awesome musician named Peter Madcat Ruth, unknown to most of us, although he's acknowledged as one of the greatest harmonica players. I watched the Crossroads 2010 Festival, where they invited some good old blues players (among the young talents that were not so authentic). I looked at their faces and saw them smiling. These are people who love what they do, who sing straight from their heart. The aesthetes, snobs and ignorants of the musical industry will tell you that this music is shit, I will tell you that it's the closest form of art the human race has ever had (in the past hundred years, of course). These are honest musicians, they sing what their soul sings.
Probably my favourite performance of the Crossroads Festival was this one. Just look at this man, he's so full of spirit, and he's just got one guitar (two, if you count the other one). And he made me feel great, forget about my troubles, and smile. In contrast, there was Johnny Lang, with electric guitars and a lot of stuff... but where is the soul? He didn't smile, but instead frown. My dear Johnny, you've got a bright future ahead, and thankfully, in blues there is a lot of room for young talents, but you've got so much left to learn about music as an art, about being honest. You probably only wanted to look "cool".  And these are only a few examples. Whenever I watch Katy Perry or Beyonce or any other "diva", and see them straining their voice to get those high notes out, it's as if watching them would hurt me, too. And it does hurt them, but the "quality over quantity" policy is putting pressure on them. Again, they're not being honest with themselves.

I think this is the way that things go in art, too... in photography also. There are too many photos out there that don't express anything. At all. So why were they taken? Because of the pressure that the whole "image busness" thing exerts on artists, and on people. More than ever. It's hard to stay true to yourself nowadays, when they all ask this shit from you. And it is the same with real life.

We stopped being ourselves the moment we became vain. We are intoxicated with a certain protoype of beauty and values that we stop noticing the little things in life. The world is promoting tolerance a lot (we tolerate gay people, people with deficiencies), but overall it's just an appearance. There are few people that are not influenced by this "image business". Hell, I remember I even had a lesson in high school for my English lessons bearing this title. It's shit that's manipulating us all. I wish people would get rid of this notions, this perverted values. I wish they would not do anything to change what they are, who they really are, just for the sake of conformity. People fight one with another. Why? Why there is so little understanding between us? Because we've strayed too much from what we really are. We complicate our lives too much. We think too much. We don't let ourselves be us.

You are not your image.
You are not a product of the perverted world. Don't let them manipulate you.
You are who you are. Be true to yourself and to the others.

As an artist, you have a soul! Let it speak and never do anything that you wouldn't do. It's hard, but no matter what people say, beauty is everywere. Let it be, there, in your person, in your art, and the eyes that can see will notice it and love it, because it is authentic, not made-up by some stupid standard.

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Misconceptions in photography

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 2:31 PM
When I don't take photos it seems I reflect upon various philosophical subjects that have to do with art. You know what they say, that those who cannot make art become critics. :lol: Anyway... Let me get straight to the point, and present some of the misconceptions I had to deal with (more or less directly).

1. A beautiful model immediately turns your photography into art.
I actually had this discussion with somebody here on DeviantArt. Obviously, it isn't true. This does not mean that if you have a beautiful model, then your photo turns into commercial 'garbage' (just to use a mild word) right away. It very much depends on what you are trying to express. A sexy girl with few clothes on her and absolutely no expression whatsoever on her face, just the typical 'baby, I'm sexy' pout, will more likely fall into that category of crap.

So, what's the secret, what makes a portrait artistic? It's all about the expressivity of the model. The perfect models are those that can be very expressive, that's why I, personally, would love to have a photo session with actors. Also, I find models that are not of the typical, standard beauty very good at inducing certain states of mind. I find freckles expressive. I see beauty in a crooked nose or in thick eyebrows, I find girls with short hair great for certain types of photos. Every physical feature of the human face (and even of the body) has a certain artistic property, so to say, and can be used to express something. You just have to find that special 'something' and make something out of it. You don't have to correct the 'ugly' parts of your model, but to bring them to light in an expresive way.

This is an example of an artistic photo that has a model who's not even close to the standard definition of beauty:
High Hopes by Sarachmet

2. Commercial photography (fashion photography included) is not 'art'.
Another misconception we might hear. Why? Because of the huge amount of cheap photographs that fit into this category. Commercial photos are, by definition, photos that you make for a client who pays you. Now what has this to do with the artistic quality of your photos? It all depends on you. It is up to you if you just say thank God for earning the money or work real hard to get a great idea and concept behind it. Still, the problem here is with the clients. Clients often have no idea about art and only ask you to take a tack sharp photograph, to avoid grain, to remove the model's imperfection etc. etc. No creativity required! But I'm sure you can find a way!

So what matters the most in commercial photography? What makes the difference between the good photos and the rest of the photography that is commercial? Why is this art and something else not? I find it hard to give a definition of what is art and what not, some might say it is subjective (I used to say that too), but now I think there's a certain limit where you can draw the line between good fashion photography and bad one, artistic or not. I think that would be style, and creativity. I believe these are the key characteristics that a good fashion photograph should have.

For example, I find that fashion labels like Burberry and Zara have a certain style, something that makes them stand out, something very artistic and classy. I find Marilyn Monroe's and Audrey Hepburn's photos artistic. Why? Because they had style, something that most of today's top models don't.

Example of good (and artistic) commercial stuff:
Cold Flowers VIII by zemotion

3. Artistic nude or porn?
This is one of the most controversial topics. Here things are a lot clearer: it all depends on the purpose of the photo, most of us would say. If you want some guys to droll over your model, it's more likely to be porn. If you want to express something, and you really manage to do it, it's not.

I find most artistic nude photos are used to express vulnerability. An artistic nude is the equivalent of the expressive portrait, only that here you use the body and its language to convey a certain feeling or thought. The position of the body, the expressivity of the limbs... the curves of the body... these are very important things to be taken into consideration.

Another general 'rule' is that the secret lies in what you do not show, but rather hide, in ambiguity. The more you show, the more you lose (from a quality-type point of view).

Example of artistic nude (and quite possibly my favourite):

Also, on the same topic concerning the expressivity of the body, here are some photos that only show a part of the body (feet, hands) that are very expressive:
no matter how far by quadratiges
I never made promises I by quadratiges hands by nikolinelr
hands by peeteey Rough Hands by larafairie

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Lately my updates have been flooded by journal entries in which photographers complain about their photos being stolen. With the risk of having a lot of people contradicting me, I'll say it: you're all exaggerating! I got over it, you can do it too!

Case no. 1: the perky little thief has taken your photo and uploaded it on another site without mentioning your name. Bonus irony if he or she posted it on a popular site. Yeah, sure, it isn't nice to see such thing happen. Can you imagine it? That somebody is showing your picture to the world. Your photo gets 1000+ views and they'll never know that you are the creator of the brilliant piece of art! The thing that makes you angry is not that somebody stole your art, but that you will never get acknowledged for it.
Artist's frustration: 40%, 100% if you're a pageview whore and attention seeker.

Case no. 2: the same as case no. 1 plus the evil thief is claiming that it's his art. Now that's a bummer! This is perhaps the most irritating case that touches your artistic pride the most. What bothers you truly though? Hypocrisy, or the fact that your name is not mentioned? Now begins your long journey of trying to prove that the actual artist is you, not that bastard fake. You contact the website owner, post comments and announcements on your website to prove the truth and pray that all his viewers or fans will turn to you in the end and become your fans.
Artist's frustration: 70%, 100% if your ego is huge.

Case no. 3: the wicked mother-fucker tries to sell your artwork. This is indeed a stupid thing to do, and I do consider it theft in its real sense. This hasn't got to do with your reputation, your pride or anything of the sort, but with your work and what you should honestly earn yourself, not somebody who hasn't moved a finger or a brain neuron to create what you've done. Fortunately, this doesn't often happen. It takes a lot of time for something to sell online, and art thiefs don't usually spend time on building a reputation. It is more likely that your art will be sold long before the art that somebody has stolen from you and has just posted it on another website.
Artist's frustration: 100%, indescribable if you're broke or have a mother who thinks that you will never make money from art, even more painful if you indeed did never make money from art before.

The fastest solution: the copyright!
The first thing you can do is add a copyright mark on your photos in places that would at least make the process of erasing it difficult. The chances that somebody will steal your photo and remove the watermark still exist, but it's more likely that the fellow will not bother. He will just search for other photos with no watermark on it and somebody else, less careful, will be fooled. You can also add a huge watermark, if you know what I mean. Your photo will never be stolen, but it will look like crap!
Efficiency: unless your watermark is spreading all over the photo, not more than 50%.

The best solution: it's all about size, baby.
Never upload your photo in full format. This way you will stay away from the most serious of all cases: somebody else selling your photos online. I think a 500px photo will both keep this kind of thiefs away and offer a good preview of your work.
Efficiency: if considering case no. 3, 90%, all the rest: 0%

Now let's be honest. In the first 2 cases, are you most angry because of the stealing itself or because it touches your ego?
When you post a photo online, you assume this possibility.

Your art will be stolen, even if it's crap. Your art being stolen doesn't make you a Picasso.
Accept it or 1. never make art, 2. keep it to yourself.
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rainy day

Sat May 19, 2012, 10:33 AM

Blah, it is raining here... What I hate about rainy days is that I personally love them but no one else does. So I'm stuck inside my house today, learning for the upcoming exams. No rehearsals, no music, no photos, no anything. The lightning is awful for photos, and my family is too concentrated in one place -- on my nerves. Gosh how I want to be alone now. I guess I'll just listen to some smooth jazz radio and ignore any other noise. Rain lovers, where are you?

Anyway, have some photos:
Deep Peace II by Sarachmet The Waiting Hour II by Sarachmet All the trees of the field by CameraDude
Like Diamonds by CameraDude How my heart behaves by CameraDude the secret place by quadratiges contre le vent by quadratiges I lost control here by quadratiges so lost for so long by quadratiges

I just realised I am so bored that I actually visited Deviantart today... I almost forgot about this website... and about the internet in general...

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First of all, a little feature:
Rosewood by ansmeer Forest tales by pauline-greefhorst Let me by ingridastrid jul 5 by koffk
The Sea inside by Nodvikoff:thumb275384422:
White by Nodvikoff August by monikha:thumb190844853: 038. Whisper by karinelips
imagine your world by foto-graf-hi explore the silence. by CarolineZenker formalin by isidasontz

Heya all! Long time no see, I know, but while 2011 was the year of photography for me, 2012 seems to bring me a lot of opportunities in the field of music more than in that of photography.
After several months of posting ads on various forums and websites, I finally found a band to sing with -- all for passion right now, no money coming, but who knows? It's a sad thing, though, since these guys are all very good at what they do and some of them have played with some relatively known singers/bands. So there I was -- surrounded by people who knew music, not some cheap wannabe musicians. Imagine me, a girl with not very much experience ('course, I sang in karaoke clubs, and at some festivities, but not more than fifteen times in my life) in front of all these musicians. Were I afraid? No, honestly no; maybe a little intimidated, but I have reached that point in my life when one realises his own potential, his first ultimate desire (that, for me, was exactly this one -- to sing in a band cause I don't see myself competing against others in our national -- dare I say, cheap -- festivals), and knows that heck, we're human, that's the beauty of it, we can break sometimes, and that's alright (hey, even Anastacia lost her voice in the concert, and mind you, she has an extraordinary voice, and her concert was still on my top 5 concerts I've seen list and still is).
It is a great feeling to sing with a band behind you, I cannot describe it. I never had high hopes, because it hurts when what you expect is not what you get. Plus, the first attempt (the first guitarist I met up with, from another band) was a total failure and there was absolutely no musical chemistry between us. But then this second chance came to me. I went to their studio (a small room with guitars, amps, a mic, an electric piano and drums -- heaven on earth if you ask me haha) with absolutely no idea of what would happen next. Then they started playing what they knew and there it was, that awesome moment when you know what they're playing, know the song and start humming. It was truly amazing, there was a connection between us and I knew it would work out in the end. With all the fears I used to have in the past, fear of the unknown, fear of making decisions, of taking risks... I am so surprised that everything was so damn right in that special moment of my life. Already been to their rehearsals two times and I feel like I'm a part of their group. Plain awesomess. Simply what I want to do for the rest of my life.
Why I really wrote this for is to tell you people out there to never give up. Always dream of making it happen and it will happen sooner or later. I have been hit by prejudices all around me when it came to music. People said that blues music is dying, that jazz and rock'n'roll are too old fashioned, that I'm never gonna make it. Truth be told, my family didn't encourage me too much either. I worked hard to get where I am. In the first two years of my singing classes I was a disaster haha. But this evolution did not came only from a physical point of view. My voice is not the only thing that has developed. I changed the way I thought. I found my true self. I have been surrounded by girls who sang better than me, girls that had gone the wrong way and made music from all the shitty music that is made nowadays. Of course all these made me feel hopeless, but I did not give up, not because I wanted to win over them, but because I always tried to ignore others and focus on what I have to do. For the last four years, I don't think there have been three days gone without me rehearsing. I've had my neighbours yelling at me, and I had to move my tools in the kitchen. About one year ago, I even lost some notes from my low register, but I kept on making vocal excercises for chest voice and got all those notes back. I was so happy to realise this one day when I was singing a song, and that's when I started to post ads over the internet (even at university) -- about five months ago.
Anyway, I think it's pretty clear how many things had stood in my way until now. The point I want to make is don't give up! I didn't have so many difficulties with photography (I never put photography on the first place, truth be told), but I think this is valid for every kind of art and even for topics non-related to art.

Keep on doing what you want and never give a damn about what anybody says or thinks, this is the way to freedom, the freedom of your soul,

PS: it all starts witth a dream. :)
PS 2: I thank all the great people who surround me everyday and those of them whom I wish to see more often. Uni's the best thing that happened to me. Too bad I can't bring the good people I met in high school to my university. That would be awesome. :D

In other words, I have no idea when I will have time for new photos. I have a lot of songs to learn.

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Time for a feature, right? :D
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